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Anger Management

Are you struggling with anger? I can help you improve your life today
Anger is a strong feeling, and can be a healthy force motivating us to protect ourselves and the things we care about and move us to action. It can also be a highly destructive force when not managed and expressed in healthy ways, and can lead to violence as well as emotional abuse.
I have helped a lot of people manage their emotions and live better lives
Do you often find that you:

Find it difficult to control your behaviour when you are angry?
Have people comment on your behaviour when you’re angry?
Are physically violent and/or verbally abusive when you’re angry?
Find small issues make you angry?
Feel your anger is out of control?

If your anger is affecting your relationships, work or other aspects of your life in ways that you would like to change, we can work with you to help you to feel more in control of your anger and be able to express yourself assertively. Anger often starts small and grows over time, so part of our work together will be finding ways to identify your anger when it first starts.
Once you know what triggers your anger, it will be easier to address the problem and anger management counselling can do this. You’ll know what to avoid, for you not to be angry.
Get anger management help from an experts.
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