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About Us

CFNRA is an organization built on Christian values.

Our History

CFNRA is a Christian non-profit organization that believes in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. We help Sri Lankans by providing food, education and economic activities that create jobs.

CFNRA was founded by Dr. Amy Wikkramatilleke, a life-long follower and preacher of Christianity, and a vetinary surgeon, who had a calling to help those who were less fortunate. She has preached the word all over the world for decades and experienced first-hand the devastation experienced in developing countries. The organization is based on Christian principles that help provide a better life for those who are less fortunate.

Vision & Values

We provide financial, educational, and food support for those who live in poverty and are looking for a better life. We also spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through missionary work in Sri Lankan communities. Help us by donating today!


Dr. Amy Wikkramatilleke

Vetinary Surgeon

John Kinney

Prof. Psychology

Antonio Romano

Prof. Foreign Studies


Christy Johannsen

Sri Lankan Governor

Dave Carrey

Community Leader

Marco Estavez

Community Leader

CFNRA is here to help!

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